Best Yellow Luggage Review 2020

by Oliver Cooper
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You Never Lose Your Luggage Again With These Yellow Carry-On Luggage

Why is yellow carry on luggage the most visible color?

People who choose yellow carryon suitcase are motivated by fun. Or in other words, if you were to picture a yellow’s personality traits as the individual parts of a car, fun would be the engine that creates the driving force to make them all work. These people see life as a party that they are hosting. They love to live in the moment and really enjoy life and their social connections with others. Yellows love to be a positive force and lift other people up as well. They always believe things are going to work out, and have an unparalleled knack for creating their own luck. Yellows need to look good socially. They need to be noticed. They need to be praised and receive approval from the masses.

When traveling for business or pleasure and visiting new destinations around the world, the type of luggage that is used to carry your personal items will determine how easy and convenient it is to transport while on the go. Traveling with yellow carryon luggage will not only allow you to look stylish but can also make it easy to keep an eye on your yellow suitcase in crowded airports or streets. Selecting the right product will determine how much use you get out of the suitcase and how much it contributes to the quality of each trip. 

PhotoNameFeaturesOur Score
HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Wedding yellow small1. Hauptstadtkoffer Wedding Luggage
  • ABS Mat
  • TSA Lock
  • 6,4 lbs
Bric's Milano small2. Bric’s Milano
  • 90% polycarbonate/10 ABS
  • TSA Lock
  • USB port
  • 5,9 lbs
Travelers Choice Sedona Yellow small3. Travelers Choice Sedona
  • 100% polycarbonate
  • TSA Lock
  • 6 lbs
IT Luggage Asteroid small4. it Luggage Asteroid 8
  • ABS material
  • 6,95 lbs
  • TSA Lock
Lipault - Original Plume Spinner 55:20 small5. Lipault Original Plume Bag for Women - Mustard
  • Polyester soft shell
  • 5 lbs
American Tourister Curio Hardside 20 Yellow small6. American Tourister Curio
  • ABS material
  • 5,67 lbs
  • TSA Lock
Rockland-Melbourne-20-Carry-on-2Tonenavy small7. Rockland Melbourne Carry On, 2Tonenavy
  • ABS material
  • TSA Lock
  • 7 lbs
HAUPTSTADTKOFFER yellow Luggage small8. Hauptstadtkoffer Spree
  • ABS material
  • TSA Lock
  • 7,1 lbs
TravelCross Barcelona small9. TravelCross Barcelona
  • Polyester soft shell
  • IATA
  • 5,9 lbs
Nautica Lifeboat 20 Spinner Luggage small10. Nautica Ahoy Yellow/Silver
  • ABS Mat
  • 8 lbs
Rockland 20, 28 2pc Luggage Set small11. Rockland 20", 28" 2pc Expandable Abs Spinner Set, Yellow
  • ABS material
  • Set 2pc
American Tourister Star Wars 21 small12. American Tourister Star Wars Yellow
  • ABS material
  • 6,83 lbs

1. Hauptstadtkoffer Wedding Yellow CarryOn Luggage

The Hauptstadtkoffer Wedding Hardside Carry On Luggage is a top rated yellow luggage product for its stylish and sleek exterior that looks fashionable. The exterior features very stylish and modern design in addition to an ABS hardside shell for added strength.

The yellow carryon suitcase is constructed with a push-button locking trolley handle and a four-wheel spinner system. Top and side carry handles are included to make it easy to carry your yellow suitcase. The interior is fully lined with polyester material and consists of a curtain separator, elastic straps, a large mesh pocket, and a zippered stash compartment to make it easy to keep clothing items and accessories organized while transported.

  • Includes a five-year warranty.
  • Meets carry-on standards with its size.
  • Lightweight and durability plastic used on the luggage.
  • Wheels stick out and are vulnerable to damage.

2. Bric’s Milano

Yellow CarryOn Luggage from Brics it is practical and modern products from Italy.
Brics boasts a strong identity rooted in expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Established in Italy by the Mario Briccola, Brics has continued to pursue and anticipate constantly evolving trends since its inception.
All suitcase very functional and stylish always with modern vibrant hues and subtle design features, each luggage is perfectly suited to jet-setting lifestyles and boasts plenty of room for all travel essentials.

  • 5 year warranty.
  • Polypropylene with polycarbonate.
  • Scratches or fading may be removed by heating the area with a directed source of heat.
  • USB port.
  • Built-in TSA approved lock.
  • Functional 3 stage telescopic handle.
  • Item Weight: 5,9 lbs.
  • High prices.

3. Travelers Choice Sedona – Best Durability Yellow Luggage

If you’re looking for the best yellow carryon luggage review, it’s important to continue reading. The Traveler’s Choice Sedona yellow suitcase is constructed from 100% pure polycarbonate and is built with a retractable push-button handle system with self-locking mechanisms. The dual spinner wheels operate quietly when in motion. The product’s dimensions are 9.5x17x24. A built-in TSA lock includes a combination code to avoid having to carry a key. The yellow carryon luggage is lightweight and easy to carry from the top or side.

The exterior material also absorbs impact under stress for added flexibility and durability as it’s transported. It’s also built with a retractable push-button handle system that is constructed from durable aluminum, which allows travelers to lock the handle at various heights for ease of use. An interior zipped pocket is offered inside the yellow luggage to compartmentalize different types of garments and products while on the go. Tie-down straps also prevent the garments from moving or shifting as the yellow suitcase is in motion.

  • Effortless movement with the wheel design.
  • Clamshell opening with a fully-lined interior.
  • Does not meet carry-on size requirements for some airlines.
  • Yellow exterior is prone to getting scuffed and scratched easily.

4. it Luggage Asteroid 8-Wheel Hardside Expandable Carry-on – Best Lightweight Luggage

it luggage’s best-selling world’s lightest range continues to evolve and reinvent itself. it Luggage is always very light and easy to manage.

  • 10-year warranty.
  • Space expansion from the middle – provides up to an extra 25%.
  • Spacious interior.
  • The remarkably lightweight. combination TSA locks.
  • Spacious interior.
  • Combination TSA locks.
  • He remarkably lightweight.
  • No corner guards.
  • Wheels stick out and are vulnerable to damage.

5. Lipault – Original Plume – Best for Business Women Yellow Luggage

Lipault has Devised the ‘Prepared to Journey’ Notion and Triggered a revolution in Yellow Carry On Suitcase. Lipault Yellow Suitcase is made to fit in the overhead bins of most domestic and international airlines. Designed for supreme lightweight freedom, the Yellow Luggage Original Plume comes with a 3-position flexible telescoping handle with stow pocket along with 4-wheel 360-degree rotating spinners that slide effortlessly, rolling in each direction and easily over most surfaces. Experience relaxation when utilizing the cushioned grip.

The open-vessel design supplies packing advantage and Maximum versatility using a quick-access, front pocket, full size Interior lid pocket, side accessory pocket and flexible hold-down straps. The Yellow Carry On Suitcase includes an adjustable and detachable luggage label plus a 2-digit code lock.

  • Ultra-Light weight.
  • Durable and water resistant PVC reinforced Nylon.
  • Very beautiful rich colors of yellow carry on luggage.
  • Size fits all US and European airline restrictions.
  • The handle is very brittle and sometimes gets stuck.
  • The female design may not appeal to some consumers.

6. American Tourister Curio – Best Design Yellow Luggage

American Tourister Curio Spinner Yellow Luggage

If you’re looking for the best yellow luggage, the American Tourister Curio Spinner is a top choice for its unique design includes a polypropylene circular design with a silver yellow pop logo treatment that makes it stand out from other yellow suitcases in public settings. The yellow carry on suitcase is durable and has a long lifespan due to the composite polycarbonate that is used on the exterior. The aircraft aluminum trolley system is lightweight for ease of use while it’s transported, whether it’s carried, pushed, or pulled.

The interior includes a half-lid compartment with a zippered closure to keep items organized and secure. Eight spinner wheels are also included and can glide in different directions, which allows the luggage to glide quickly as it’s in motion. 

  • Distinctive colors and pattern.
  • Scuffs and dents don’t form easily on the exterior material.
  • Challenging to unlock.
  • Flimsy handle.

7. Rockland Melbourne Carry On, 2Tonenavy – Most Spacious Yellow Luggage

Rockland Melbourne 20″ yellow suitcase is the best yellow luggage because it the little giant of all carry-ons. It is the correct carry-on size.

The product features a book opening case with a divider and cross straps that are included in the main compartment. 
*Green Travelers can take advantage of a zipped modesty pocket for smaller undergarments or accessories that are packed. The yellow luggage includes dual spinner wheels for a smooth ride that makes it convenient to transport easily without too much strength required. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry by the handle.

  • Side-mounted TSA locks deter theft.
  • Push-button handle is easy to use and includes soft rubber seals.
  • Interior compartments keep the garments contained.
  • The hard exterior stains and scuffs easily.
  • The suitcase doesn’t expand despite the images advertised, which limits how many items can be packed inside.

8. Hauptstadtkoffer Spree – Best Mobility Yellow Suitcase

Hauptstadtkoffer Spree Yellow Luggage

The Hauptstadtkoffer Spree Yellow Suitcase is the best yellow Luggage because it’s multidirectional and is smooth and silent with 360-degree wheels included. It’s built with a TSA lock that allows travelers to avoid having to use a key to access the contents of the luggage without locking out TSA agents at the airport. The product proves to be durable with quality materials used to construct the suitcase with a hard-side mat and ABS.

Top and side carrying handles are included for ease of use when transporting the item. Despite its durability, the Hauptstadtkoffer Yellow Carry On Luggage is lightweight.

  • The wheel design offers easy movement.
  • The quality material limits scuffs and dents that can form with frequent use.
  • Doesn’t include a pocket inside the yellow luggage.
  • Opens like a butterfly, which makes it difficult to place on a luggage stand.

9. TravelCross Barcelona Yellow Carry On Suitcase

Those who are looking for Softside Yellow Carry On Luggage can consider the TravelCross Barcelona 21 inch Yellow Luggage, which is expandable and spins quietly with its four wheels. Spinning wheels on the bottom ensure that the bag will roll with you. The product is built with reinforced handles that are padded and offer a high level of comfort when lifting the yellow luggage. The handles are also ergonomically designed to offer extra grip and make it easier to lift the yellow suitcase. With a pull of a zipper, the yellow suitcase expands and allows for additional space for extra garments and accessories to be packed in the product. Durable fabric is used on the exterior of the suitcase and holds up well to frequent use without fraying easily.

  • 3 year warranty.
  • IATA approved – perfect size for International carry on.
  • Lightweight and durable polyester.
  • Multi-organizational front pockets.
  • Item Weight: 5,9 lbs.
  • No TSA Lock.
  • No corner protection.

10. Nautica Hardside Yellow Carry On Luggage – Best Inside Compartment

Yellow Carry On
Nautica Hardside

The Nautica Hardside Carry On Yellow Luggage – 20 Inch Spinner Wheels Suitcase features an ABS hard shell exterior for a high level of durability. It measures 20.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide. The exterior features a diamond texture that is ribbed with a yellow color shade on the material.

A push-button locking trolley handle is included. The fully-lined interior consists of a zippered curtain and two-mesh zipper pockets to separate different types of garments and accessories in Nautica yellow suitcase.

  • Includes a five-year warranty.
  • Meets carry-on standards.
  • Smooth zip.
  • Flimsy handle.
  • No side handle.

11. Rockland 20″, 28″ 2pc Expandable Luggage Set – Best Overall Value Yellow Luggage Set

Rockland 20″, 28″ 2pc Expandable Yellow Luggage Set is lightweight and designed with extremely durable ABS engineered material without any microdiamond finish. It has a modern and sleek exterior that allows it to stand out easily. It even expands an extra two inches to fit more belongings. The hard-flex construction of the product delivers a high level of strength and durability that allows it to maintain its quality and design with frequent use with its water- and scratch-resistant finish. 

*Yellow Inside the suitcase, the product is lined with quality fabric with a zippered compartment on one side with additional tie-down straps for extra security while the items are transported. Two outside pockets are also included to keep everything organized. The Rockland yellow carry on suitcase is also built with four spinner 360-degree silent wheels, which offer effortless mobility.

  • Includes two ergonomic gel handles for added comfort with handling and lifting the yellow suitcase.
  • Constructed with rigorous stress tests performed by the manufacturer.
  • The female design may not appeal to some consumers.
  • Handle does not extend as high compared to similar products.

12. American Tourister Star Wars Carry-on Suitcase – Best Amazing Design Yellow Carry On Luggage

Star Wars fans will really like to travel together with their things packed within this hardside yellow luggage from American Tourister. The American Tourister Star Wars yellow suitcase consists of polycarbonate material and comes with a classic silhouette having an Star Wars print, imprint on the back, a push-button extract grip, and spinner wheels which make it unbelievably simple to maneuver. American Tourister luggage – it has kind of a hard shell. It’s really easy to to clean off and care for, and you know that if it rains or snows outside your luggage and the contents inside are going to be safe. The Suitcase really easy to clean up.

The bag expands, which is really great. The inside yellow suitcase is completely lined and comprehensive with crisscrossing tie-down straps, a zippered pocket to carry delicate objects, and also a zip round divider that creates two separate packing compartments. The inside material’s really nice. It has that nice kind of scratchy embossed look to it. Now, I know a lot of these bags have different designs on the inside, but I like simplistic repetitive staffing of the Star Wars logo. I like the black and yellow aesthetic.

  • Good graphic quality.
  • 100 % polycarbonate yellow suitcase.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Yellow CarryOn Luggage has great interior organization and is very easy to handle.
  • The Star Wars design may not appeal to some consumers.
  • This yellow luggage volume in at 64 inch, making it 2″ oversized for just about every airline.

Selecting the right yellow carry on luggage for your travels will prove to offer a high level of convenience and can reduce the risk of misplacing the suitcase. By researching the pros and cons of each product, you can narrow down your options to ensure you can own a reliable suitcase that lasts long-term and makes it easy to explore a new location with your personal belongings in tow.

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