Seven Ways to Store Your Handbags

by Oliver Cooper
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There is no problem with buying handbags since it is widely available in the market. The problem lies on caring for them and storing them.

One reason why some women have to keep on buying handbags is because their current handbags can’t seem to last long enough and before they know it, they are already on their way to buy a new one. Tips on caring for handbags have been discussed on various sites, now it is time to discuss tips in storing them. Before you store your handbag, do not forget to empty it. You need to empty it to avoid accidental punctures, rips and of course stains. Once emptied, you can now stuff it with old newspapers or old magazine pages. This is essential to help your handbag keep its shape because these tend to lose their shape especially when stored into tight areas.

Your handbag comes with a dust bag. The dust bag is there to protect your bag so don’t even think of throwing it away. After each use, put your handbag inside its designated dust bag. Close the dust bag securely. Dust bags are used to keep dust from getting into your handbag and attaching itself to the fabric. A dusty handbag isn’t really attractive.

If you don’t like putting your handbags inside closets and drawers, you might want to get yourself a handbag organizer. The handbag organizer is much more like a hanger for your handbags and is made of a series of hooks either plastic or stainless steel. The organizer can hold up to 6 handbags. You can attach the organizer on your bedroom wall. Hanging your handbags can free up a lot of closet space. So with the free space, you can use it for storing other items.

If you don’t have a dust bag another alternative is the pillowcase. You place your handbag inside the pillowcase, seal it and place it inside the closet or drawer. If you have a patent handbag, do not use a plastic bag to replace a dust bag.

Colored patent handbags can discolor when stored close to each other. To keep this from happening, group your patent handbags. The light colored ones go together and the dark colored one are grouped together as well. Always provide enough space in between bags.

If you don’t like hanging your handbags and you don’t want to consume space in your closet, you can always store it in glass covered shelves. These shelves are usually built in the wall and have several compartments where you can place each of your handbags. The glass allows you to view your handbag. Do not forget to put it inside a dust bag though before you put it inside the glass shelf.

Lastly, you can always store your handbag inside your closet. When storing them inside the closet do not just stuff them; instead, place them neatly beside each other. If you stuffed it with newspapers, your handbag might be able to stand on its own. Avoid cramming your handbags in a very limited closet space or else these will come out deformed.

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