Best Red Luggage Set Review 2020

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Best Red Luggage Set – Buyer’s Guide

Travel With The Best Red Luggage Sets

Maybe you’re a frequent traveler or a future one that’s going on an exciting vacation to get away from it all. You’ll need to carefully plan your itinerary to be sure that nothing unexpected happens during the trip, and part of this is making sure that you have durable luggage to bring with you. You don’t need something that’s going to damage quickly, which means that you’ll want to do your homework before settling on the first brand that you see. Each red luggage set shown below is top of the line and will help you navigate the most hectic terminals without breaking down in between transport.

Top Best Red Luggage Sets Reviewed 

1. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase

Best Luggage Set For Frequent Flyers (Editor’s Choice) 

One of the most top rated red luggage sets on the market, the Coolife Suitcase has hardened outer shell and strong TSA lock to secure all valuables. The dividers are plenty, so you’ll be able to store all sorts of bulky items without straining the wheels. Recommended for both occasional and seasoned travelers. 


  • The exterior is made from a dense ABS plastic that prevents water and dust from getting inside
  • TSA combination lock is well made and doesn’t damage easily
  • Lots of dividers help keep things organized in every piece


  • The only piece that’s capable of expanding open completely is the largest luggage bag
  • Pebbles and other small debris can get stuck in between the wheels easily

2. Merax Luggage 3 Piece Sets

Best Red Luggage Set For Bad Weather (People’s Choice) 

The Merax is another red luggage set that has the weather in mind. No matter if you’re going through a winter storm or transiting in sweltering heat, the interior will stay at a comfortable temperature that won’t affect what’s inside. And even if the bags take are handled roughly, it’s unlikely that anything on the outside will tear or warp. 


  • Doesn’t become too hot or cold too quickly; keeps belongings at room temperature
  • When other pieces of luggage place on top of it, the bag’s shape won’t warp
  • Total protection against heavy rain and dust; waterproof


  • The ball bearings in the wheels are very sensitive and will make the luggage roll when placed on a hard surface with an incline

3. Hauptstadtkoffer Red Luggage Set Red Glossy

Hauptstadtkoffer is very popular Germany brand of luggage. This Red Luggage Set always has trend visual appeal and very functional. The material of luggage set Alex series: Polycarbonate and ABS Glossy surface. Cabin luggage 20″ – is in accordance with IATA luggage guidelines for air travel. Unlike some TSA locks, this one won’t jam easily, even if dirt gets into the holes over time. Just don’t take too many belongings, as the cases do not expand when overfilled. Still, the luggage is comfortable and won’t cause any strain on your hands when pulled for a long time.


  • The four 360 ° light-duty wheels are strong enough to tread over most hard surfaces, including those with potholes and small imperfections
  • Material Red luggage Set: Polycarbonate + ABS Glossy surface
  •  The suitcases can be stored one into another
  • Well-made TSA locking mechanism that stays tight for the duration that it’s locked
  • If the handles closest to the cases must be used, doesn’t cause agitation in the hands


  • None of the pieces expand, making it hard to stuff more inside in the chance that excessive items are being carried

4. Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set

Best Red Luggage Set For Durability

This Samsonite set is suitable for any travel and can fit lots of small items in unlikely places, such as underneath the floor of the large luggage pieces. It has two heights on the retractable handles, and each piece could go inside the one that’s larger than the next. Just use caution if you tend to walk fast, as the wheels may tip over if you’re not careful. 


  • Sold with five luggage pieces total, of which the two smallest can be placed inside the largest if needed
  • Small books and/or magazines will fit underneath the largest pieces (behind the zippered bottom)
  • There are two height presets on the large pieces and make it easier to carry for tall or short individuals


  • Zippers will wear away over time and break apart if handled carelessly
  • The duffel bag straps are very thin and may cause pain when carried for an extended period of time
  • The large bag tilts when attempting to make a sharp turn

5. American Tourister Luggage

Best Red Luggage Set For Crowded Airports

The American Tourister has a matte black look that will help you quickly identify it when going through a baggage claim. There are four wheels total on the large bags too, and you can slide it across floors at a diagonal angle or horizontal stance. Speed is key here, so consider this set if your journey contains many stopovers where you must move quickly through terminals. 


  • The red hue featured on the luggage pieces make them easy to spot among other colored bags on a conveyor belt
  • Four spinner wheels on the large pieces; easy to move amount in all direct and make abrupt turns
  • Pockets on the upper portions near the handles make it easy to store temporary items quickly


  • The bag may stain carpets when left on floors in a warm setting

6. Showkoo Luggage Sets

The most extremely scratch-resistant Red luggage set. 

Showkoo this is an elegant and durable red luggage set. Luggage set is made of Top Quality ABS materials. Despite the fact that materials is lightweight they very durable is extremely scratch-resistant. Modern and thoughtful design keeps luggage beautiful after trips.

3-steps Sturdy ergonomic telescoping Trolley handle provides fluent and smooth rolling experience. The unique shaped multi-directional double 360° wheels keep silent and quiet when being rotated and it’s more durable in structure. 
Additional small pouch inside for portable storage (e.g.: toothbrush, wallet, makeups, etc.) 
The side-mounted lock ensures security and protect privacy while traveling. Materials of luggage set extremely scratch-resistant. 
The largest suitcase is over the allowed linear dimensions for air travel.


  • Wheels are anti-skid and very silent.
  • Double zipper for expandable design making more inside in the chance that excessive items are being carried
  • Added two reinforcement brackets on the flip side of the top carry handle and bottom carry handle to avoid hardshell cracking and 2 Soft rubbers that aim to protect your fingers when lifting heavy stuff.


  • Wheels are not enough durability
  • The zipper on the luggage not reliable enough

7. Flieks 5 Piece Luggage Set

Best Red Luggage Set For Lifting

The Flieks Luggage Set is bright red and a breeze to clean if it becomes dirty. Stains and grit won’t cling to the case, and the duffel bags are particularly durable and agreeable on the shoulders when lifted. Try not to let it hit anything jagged though, as the material is susceptible to damage on the outside. 


  • Doesn’t stain easily and can be cleaned fast
  • Duffel bags have thick straps and won’t cause fatigue in the arms and shoulders
  • The bags do not age when overfilled briefly


  • May tear when repeatedly brushed against hard surfaces

8. Traveler’s Choice Sedona 8-Wheels Polycarbonate Hardside

Expandable Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set 

Best Luggage Set For Smartly and Stylishly Traveling

Traveler’s Choice Sedona Luggage Set is powerful on the outside (made from 100% pure polycarbonate), but roomy in the interior. You can expand it when needed, so don’t fret if you end up with souvenirs during the trip; they should fit inside when the bags are packed usually beforehand. Its build will also save you in pounds if concerned with excess baggage fees. As long as you’re not moving the bags too aggressively, they should get you through numerous travel arrangements. 


  • The Sedona collection is extremely lightweight and long-lasting
  • 25% more expanding capacity
  • Doesn’t add to the weight of belongings


  • The 21″ spinner is not a carry-on.
  • The Wheels are very fragile

9. Timberland 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Best Luggage Set For Fast Travel 

Although the company is known for their boots, Timberland also produced high-quality luggage sets, such as the Hardside Spinner. The logo makes it easy to see in a sea of other bags, and the pickets are large. You could fit several textbooks inside to largest bag and have plenty of room to spare. Which is surprising, seeing that the sets don’t expand when full. Regardless, try it out if you want a four-wheeler that’s easy on the eyes.


  • The color and large Timberland logo can be spotted quickly in baggage claim
  • Deep pockets that will fit most books, ornaments, and souvenirs without damaging the inside
  • Glides over the floors fast, even when the pieces are slightly overfilled


  • Doesn’t expand at all; ages when consecutively filled with too many items

10. American Flyer AF Signature 4-Piece Luggage Set

Best Luggage Set For Wheel Strength

The American Flyer Set has a neat design that’s unlike many of the bags presented so far and contains padding inside to help keep contents at an acceptable temperature. Its wheels are the selling point, and won’t break or bend if the bag is filled with too many items. But don’t pull the handles with too much force; they could break otherwise. It is recommended for short travel situations.


  • Foam padding lines each bag and keeps everything insulated and protected from rough handling
  • Wheels don’t peel or chip away over time
  • A liner is featured in the small bag that prevents spills from damaging the interior


  • Each bag’s handles may tear fast, even if the bags are not overfilled

11. Ben Sherman Nottingham Hardside 4-Wheel 3-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

Best Luggage Set For Families 

The Ben Sherman Nottingham is a visually impressive set that’s an excellent buy for a large family. You can move it without much effort at all, and the shape makes it age well without cracking too quickly in its lifetime, due to the round corners. This still won’t guard it against warping if you tend to overfill your bags, but that’s nothing a little moderation can’t solve.­


  • The blunt corners of the bags won’t break if they hit hard objects
  • The pattern of the bags is unique, making it easy to see in crowded locations
  • When used with a belt strap, the bags move altogether and don’t jumble


  • Thin plastic walls may warp under too much weight

Buyer’s Guide 

 Now that you’re done with the luggage set review section take a moment to go over the brief tips below before you check out.


Must luggage pieces that retain wheels will have either two in the front (closest to your feet when dragging) or four. Those with two, while helpful, may or may not be able to stand up on their own. They are better for people that don’t plan on carrying the bag for long distances. The four-wheeled sets will stand up quickly and can make turns at a much quicker rate than the former. If you’re planning on going through a crowded airport or want a bag that can be moved at an angle, then the four wheelers would be better suited for your travels.


Luggage bags are made with either fabric or plastic. Each has their advantages, with fabric bags being able to breathe easier and keep the items inside at normal temperature. Those with ABS plastic are strong and hold up against damage very well but may crack under too much weight. Of course, there are exceptions, but try to factor in your packing habits and the weather forecast in the area where the set will be used.


If you know what type of bag you want for an anticipated trip, remember to double check the number of belongings you will bring with you, along with the environment that it will be used in. Luggage sets can range from being highly durable to cheaply-made containers that break before they’re even used. Nevertheless, there are two from the reviews that will stay in great condition long after they have been acquired, which are the Coolife and Merax Luggage sets (numbers one and two). Their smaller cases are also made to last, and will definitely get you through all sorts of travel without becoming a burden to carry around. But truthfully, all of the sets evaluated are great in their own right. Whichever brand you settle on, it’s assured that you’ll be satisfied with your choice.

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